Real Estate & Community Life

Austin Common Place merges realty with community building and place-making. We hope to facilitate the process of connecting these ideas to your own life, as well as providing high quality representation in real estate transactions. Learn more about Austin Common Place »

Meet Rigel

My story begins before I was born in a little hippie town called Mendocino, CA. My parents wanted to go on an adventure so they built a boat from scratch and sailed it to Hawaii.
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Encouraging Art in Neighborhoods

Beauty Will Save The World is a project to document and encourage art in neighborhoods. This phrase was coined by the Russian author Dostoevsky who uses it in his book "The Idiot." The meaning of this phrase is debatable. My favorite explanation can be found in an essay by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

We believe that people who do beautiful and creative works where they live become a part of that place, and it becomes a part of them. Please participate by visiting our tumblr blog and uploading photos of your own neighborhood art.