Real Estate and Community Life

Austin Common Place merges realty with community building and place-making. We hope to facilitate the process of connecting these ideas to your own life, as well as providing high quality representation in real estate transactions.

The real estate industry holds a variety of unquestioned dogmas that saturate our language and the way we think about “home.” This affects how Realtors give counsel and how their clients make decisions.  Austin Common Place is an alternative. It isn’t just a company; it’s a way of life that places community, rootedness, and beauty at the heart of its core values.

Meet Rigel

Drinkin coffeeMy story begins before I was born in a little hippie town called Mendocino, CA. My parents wanted to go on an adventure so they built a boat from scratch and sailed it to Hawaii. They navigated by Rigel star, the left foot in the Orion Constellation, and that’s how I got my name.

I grew up in Port Townsend, Washington and moved to Texas in 2000. Once I settled in, I got licensed as a Realtor and started selling houses. After many years of selling in the conventional sense I realized that sales do not interest me, community does. In some ways the real estate industry opposes this. For example Realtors are paid whenever someone moves—so when a person leaves a place and it’s community we make money.

I am profoundly committed to where and how people live. If I can help them cultivate community and a sense of belonging that will bring me tremendous joy.

Another interest of mine is music. I’ve been playing music all my life and currently play jazz piano and sing professionally at a restaurant called Truluck’s. What really interests me in music though is the way it invites participation. Whether you’re a musician or a listener it touches the heart.


Rigel helped my family find our home in Austin. From opening doors and showing us around several properties to the closing process, I was glad to have Rigel by our side throughout the process. His keen intuition and easy-going, approachable demeanor put us at ease.

I highly recommend Rigel as a realtor and a friend. Ask Rigel about his mission statement, “Helping people in finding the home they will die in.”
– Jonathan Ramirez

Beauty Will Save The World

Beauty Will Save The World is a project to document and encourage art in neighborhoods.
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