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How do you experience “family” when your nuclear family lives far away?

In modern America the idea of a nuclear family being your main source of community and belonging doesn’t work–yet so many of us desire a life of connection, and friendship that can last through conflict and hard times. In his

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What every home buyer should know about the word “starter-home”

Buyer’s be aware. The collective consciousness of realtors wants you on the move. When you move we make money, and there is a special word used to program you to do this. “Starter-home”: a word for gently nudging new home

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A Realtor’s Dilemma: Spits and Sparks

Realtors attempting to build community through their work will inevitably face the following problem: Community forms when people stay in one place and get to know each other. But Realtors get paid when they help someone move. Forming a deep

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