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Why neighborhood bumper stickers will improve your city

Anyone can put a bumper sticker on their car. It puzzles me why more neighborhoods don’t embrace them. Neighborhood bumper stickers cultivate a sense of belonging, and are an easy way to get involved without heavy commitment–you might not be ready

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A Pattern Language: DIY architecture to make your home come alive

At some point you will get the urge to move. It might be the incessant barking dogs next door driving you to the edge of despair. It might be an underlying feeling of loneliness, or it might simply be that you’ve

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How to use social media to get to know your neighbors

Do you struggle finding that balance between relationships “in-the-cloud” and relationships on the ground? You are not alone. Yes, social media sites make you feel more connected and prove to be social outlets for many. But they also distract from

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What socks taught me about my neighborhood

Socks flirt with the boundary between the seen and the unseen. And when they unveil themselves they tell a story: the already-but-not-yet; the hidden revealed; the silver lining. When worn with pants and shoes you don’t see them right away.

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