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Bond with your home by making it beautiful

happy office

For the last year I’ve been using mismatched folding chairs for my home-office conference table. I decided to step up my game. But when I entered the chair market I was shocked by how expensive things are. And if you

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Conflict is Community

You can experience conflict as a battle of wills, or you can experience it as a process of transformation. Launching my career Twelve years ago, around the time of the dot-com bust (2001), I got licensed as a Realtor in

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Barn raising in suburbia

“Be the change you want to see in the world” so often gets lost in abstractness. In your own neighborhood it is concrete the instant you step out your front door. Finding “home” in urban sprawl Can you point to

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7 easy steps to build community through your Realtor

What if you knew your neighbors before you moved in? Prioritizing relationships over personal preferences Most buyer’s come to me with a home shopping approach of “personal preference” first: How many bedrooms do I want? What kind of flooring do I

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How to make neighborhood involvement fun

My first neighborhood meeting kind of stressed me out. Before arriving I had images of a dreamy potluck style gathering inside a cozy room full of mutual understanding, and neighbors making decisions by group consensus. Instead, it was more of a

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Why neighborhood bumper stickers will improve your city

Anyone can put a bumper sticker on their car. It puzzles me why more neighborhoods don’t embrace them. Neighborhood bumper stickers cultivate a sense of belonging, and are an easy way to get involved without heavy commitment–you might not be ready

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How to use social media to get to know your neighbors

Do you struggle finding that balance between relationships “in-the-cloud” and relationships on the ground? You are not alone. Yes, social media sites make you feel more connected and prove to be social outlets for many. But they also distract from

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How do you experience “family” when your nuclear family lives far away?

In modern America the idea of a nuclear family being your main source of community and belonging doesn’t work–yet so many of us desire a life of connection, and friendship that can last through conflict and hard times. In his

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