How to make neighborhood involvement fun

How do you relate to your neighbors?

My first neighborhood meeting kind of stressed me out.

Before arriving I had images of a dreamy potluck style gathering inside a cozy room full of mutual understanding, and neighbors making decisions by group consensus.

Instead, it was more of a name-tag & sharpie meeting that took place inside an oversized room with only a handful of people–I could barely hear those trying speak. This left me with anything but the lingering aroma of time well spent.

Changing your experience

Even though my first meeting ripped me from my wonderland, I have experienced positive change over the last two years–partially from some inner growth, and partially from our neighborhood chemistry actually changing.

Here are a few insights I’ve gleaned from personal experience. I hope to explore them in greater detail in future posts:

  • Know your limitations
  • Focus on process vs. solution
  • Learn to facilitate
  • Trust begets trust
  • Make knocking on doors an adventure
  • Get neighborhood stories
  • Bond over food

How to help me

I’m new at neighborhood life. I have lots of ideals and theories, but the truth is I don’t have as much experience as some of y’all do.

I’m interested in learning ways to create a neighborhood environment where whoever wants to “get involved” feels welcome to at whatever level they’re comfortable. I could really use your help.

What ways have you discovered work or don’t work in making neighborhood involvement fun?

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